Sunday, March 9, 2008

Internet connection

Yesterday I encounter a big trouble on my internet connection. I want to open my Yahoo Messenger to talk to my friend and to email my friend in web. I post a new blogs (tag from at Babette) but when I publish it already the internet connection is gone, I just want to know if my works is already publish or not because I can't it right away because the internet connection is still failure. I can't talk to my friends today so that I spend my time to play a dotA hehhehe but I'm not that good so I'll quit the game:(. I try many times to check the internet connection but still it's not work. When I tired, I decided to stop surfing in my computer and take a nap while waiting my husband to pick up me to go home. I received a message from my husband that he can't pick up me because she has a meeting early in the morning. My husband decided to sleep at the house of his mother so that he will not be late tomorrow morning.

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