Friday, March 14, 2008

My Boss Decision

My boss decided to put an anti-porn to our all units because of what happen last night. My boss called me after I told them about what the customer attitude last night then they finally decided to put Anti-porno to our units so that they can't surf a pornography website anymore. They asked Othonel (my co-workmate) to installed the anti-porn and if he can't finished to installed he will teach to Aries so that he will continued of what he did. But when Othonel started to installed she asked me to give him the USB because he put it there the installer, but the USB is gone. I texted to my boss to inform them if they kept the USB but they reply, and said that they don't know where is the USB. Until Othonel decided to search another installer at internet, then finally Othonel get the new installer of Anti-porn that's why he started to put in to our units. He put the Anti-porn but it's only in four units, he can't continue installed because its already 12 in the midnight. Othonel teach Aries how to installed the Anti-porn so that he will continue of what he did but Aries didn't listen of what he instructed to him that's why Othonel stop teaching . Now still didn't finished the Anti-porn installating because it's Othonel day off.I hope that tomorrow Othonel finished what he started because it's really hard to warn the customer who always surfing the pornography website.

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