Friday, March 28, 2008

Thursday rants

Hello guys it's Thursday again, I worked again with my partner Othonel. It's been a while when Im not posting here in my blog. It's a bad day because theres another customer who lied at me so that he can't pay his bills. Where busy at that moment that's why I don't notice that there is a customer who secretly out. My partner Othonel recognized him first when he passing by at my front, Othonel asked me if he already pay his bills. I suddenly answer that I don't accept a payment from the customer but he still said that he already paying his bills. It's too bad because I know that it is another deducted to my salary if the guy will not payed. I think more than one hundred pesos will be deducted to my salary this coming March 31 huhuhu. If I'm going to think this problem it's make me depressed so maybe I need to be relaxed. I hope that it will not happen again because if it will continue this I rather to quit than to work with had a salary deduction always.

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