Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Wow Another Rest day

Tomorrow is my rest day that's why I am really happy. I feel so lazy this fast few days, maybe because there's alot of bad things happen this week. Last Friday we had experienced the biggest problem in our internet cafe one is our web cam is gone we don't know who are the responsible for this, second my co-workmate Aries he lost I think P 900.00 on his duty and also my co-workmate played games while on duty that's why my boss decide to changed our password on our computer so that we can't log in without an authority. I feel so lazy this week because of this troubled that we faced. I'm really don't know if they will charged this to us or not, because they dont tell us about this. If they will then it's okay for me because it is our responsibilities to taking care all the things inside the cafe. Hope that this coming week will be a nice day for me because I will be assigned in the morning shift again. Guys, keep on visiting to my blog and have a nice day see yah.

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