Monday, April 14, 2008

Laundering Dirty Clothes

Yesterday, I go home so early that's why I had time to laundry our dirly clothes. It's been awhile when I can't take a laundry on our dirty clothes because my mother always did laundry to us. I don't have time this fast few days because I'm really busy on my work. Last night, I did laundry all our dirty clothes so that my mother will take a rest laundering our dirty clothes. After finished laundry I watched t.v. Because I'm not yet sleepy. Now, I had time to take a rest while watching t.v because my two kids are already sleep. I didn't noticed that I take a nap while waiting my favorite telenovela on channel 4 “ Lovers” (with tagalof translation). It's so bad maybe I try tomorrow that I can't sleep before Lovers.

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