Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Most Difficult Temptation

I had a customer told about his most difficult temptation experience and then how he overcome the temptation. He said that the most difficult temptation that he had experience is when the teacher gives them a report and oral recitation. He can't control himself to be absent because he always get nervous and ashamed, being ashamed because he don't want to have a wrong answer. He said that its better to have a difficult test than to have an oral recitation and reporting. He really get nervous even though the teacher announce to have reporting and oral recitation early. Even though he prepared and he had studied, he always forgot all what he had studied. He trying to gain self-confidence but still he can't. Sometimes, he failed his subjects because of number of absences. He think himself that he is a loser.

Sometimes, when he really get nervous, his friends help him to gain self-confidence and sometimes they push him to gain self-confidence and sometimes they push him to face his weakness. He really thanks to his friend that they always give him a support.

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