Thursday, April 10, 2008


This week I find a very interesting korean telenovela the “ Lovers”. This are the main cast of lovers: Kim Jung Eun as Yoon Mi Joo , Lee Seo Jin as Ha Kang Jae , Kim Kyu Ri as Park Yoo Jin and Jung Chan as Kang Sae Yeon . This story start from an orphan child, Ha Kang Jae, is brought into a very rich home at the age of 16 by a man that is the head of a notorious gang. Ha Kang Jae lives and learns to live as one of the gang members. Yoon Mi Joo is a very bright plastic surgeon. Ha Kang Jae and Yoon Mi Joo come from two different worlds but they just happened to meet one day. Guys, try to watched this telenovela it's really nice.

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