Friday, April 4, 2008

Best things for my friend

I really happy that my friend is now pregnant for her second baby. She and her husband want to have another kids hopefully it's a girl because Fe wants to have a baby girl. She now experiencing the symptoms of being pregnant likes lazy doing work in their house and sometimes she tired making a post to her blog hehehe. This is her second time pregnancy and like the first she will be cesarean when she going to birth her new baby. I remember the times when she pregnant with her first baby, she going to small or thin because she always vomiting when she eat. She always feel sleep at the of works hehehe. She stop her job I think because of this matter she always exhausted when she walked even she sit. I think it's really hard to be alone when you get pregnant because there are alot of changes in your body. I hope that my friend Fe will be going to birth a baby girl soon.

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