Friday, April 11, 2008

My friend worst experienced

My friend told me about what happen to her yesterday. She met a new friend through chat and they decided to meet in person yesterday. She also introduced me to the guy and I think he is nice. Afterwards, they decide to meet again and when they are waiting for a jeepney, her ex-boyfriend saw them. Her ex-boyfriend together with his friend confronted the guy. She was really scared that moment that's why she suddenly backed-out to avoid the trouble. Her ex-boyfriend tried to pick a fight with the guy when they tried to back-out. The police noticed the trouble and asked what happened? My friend was scared and did not know what to do so she ran. The police told the guy to follow her. I think her ex-boyfriend will be in prison one day because of what happened. She cannot forget that moment. She said after what happened, she feel that she is really pretty hehheeh. After I heard about the trouble that she faced yesterday, I was really shocked and I can't imagine if I'm in her situation. How about you? What will you do if you were in a situation like her?

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