Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bad experienced at Eatery

I go to work early because I do not want to be late. It takes me one hour to get to work. My husband is there waiting for me before he logged out. I asked him to treat me to breakfast because I have not eaten yet. Since it is still early, I have time to go out for breakfast. My husband agreed because he is also hungry. In the eatery, I chose Menudo and my husband had chorizo and egg. While we were eating, I noticed that there is a small worm in the menudo. My husband said that it is not harmful because it is from the vegetables (potato/carrot). I continued eating but set aside the menudo. I ordered another chorizo to continue eating. After eating, I wondered why my husband asked the cashier who the cook is. The cashier asked him why? My husband told her about the worm we found in the menudo. The cook got angry when she heard about this. She said that they always checked the food before they put it in display. That it is not possible to have a worm in the food especially in the vegetables. My husband was not angry. He just wanted to tell the cook to check their food so that another customer will not have the same experience as we did.

Guys, if you are in our situation what would you do?

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