Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Create a New Blog

Today I decided to delete my new blog under my old blog then create a new one. I wonder why until now I don't have yet a tasked from payperpost. My old blog is already approved by payperpost since March then after that I didn't received any tasked from them. My friend said that it's really impossible because ppp given a tasked after they approved your blog. I always waiting everyday to give me a tasked but it's been a long time until now, I didn't received even one. Lately I received a noticed from Adsense Google that I need to verified it again. I think payperpost didn't give me a tasked because my old blog is not yet verified. I forgot the password of my email add, when I'm going to retrieve it's didn't match any of my account. Now, I decided to create a new blog but I try to not under to my old blog. I hope that it will works.

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