Monday, April 7, 2008

Sunday Rants

Yesterday, I didn't work because my mother wants to go to the doctor to check her health. My sister and I took care of my children because my mother is going out. I already had sleep that's why I helped doing the house chores. I cleaned the house, washed the dishes, cleaned our backyard and also I cooked our lunch. While I'm busy doing household chores, my sister is the one taking care of my two kids. My sister is the only one who can help my mother to take care of my kids while I'm working. After I finished my work, I did my responsibilities to my children. I cooked for them and I always make sure that they eat nutritious food so that they will grow up with a healthy body and mind. I really love when I am home because I feel that I'm really a mother to my two kids. My two kids like it when I do not work because I can play with them and take care of them. At exactly 5:30 I took a bath and then afterwards we finished playing. I also gave them a bath. I didn't expect to see my husband home early because I thought that he has a meeting in the afternoon. I feel so happy because our family was complete at that moment.

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