Thursday, April 3, 2008

Rest day

Yesterday is my day off so I really happy to spend time with my kids and my family. I had already sleep that's why I had time to play with my children. It's really late to take my lunch because I forgot it while playing to my two little kids. While I ate my lunch I shock when my husband suddenly enter in our house. I thought my husband didn't coming home because it's not his day-off but I feel so happy because it's been a while when we were together. He buy a milk, fish, biscuits for our kids and alot more. Since he is not yet take a lunch we both ate together. We assign to taking care of our kids since we are in our house. My mother is really happy because she can rest for that day heheheh. After lunch I decided to take my two kids in our room so that they can sleep. I take a nap also while my two kids is already sleep. My husband joined our neighborhood playing a basketball but it's really bad because it's suddenly rains. The game is stop when the rain is continue so my husband decided to watched a local news. Maybe next time guys and God Bless.

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