Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Tuesday Rants..

When I open my email I received an email from Sponsoredreviews. I received 3 tasked from them. Wow!!!, I was suddenly start it to make a reviews. I really glad that I had 3 tasked, I don't expect it. I also told my friend that I had 3 tasked and she advice me to start it so that I can earn quickly. Fe said that she will going to checked my review after I finished it. I'm really glad that after I finished doing this tasks, my friend Fe checked it then edit some of my grammar. I don't really good in grammar either a word of English that's why I asked help to my friend her in web to checked my grammar and I'm really lucky because they also help me. Fe is already submit my reviews after she checked it. She said that this is the start that I can earn more from my blog. After submitting the 3 tasks, I decided to checked my blog and also visiting to my friend blogs. This afternoon I had also a tasks from Smorty it is about a Shopping Cart software. So guys, I will start it now so that I can earn another income bye bye....

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