Friday, April 25, 2008

My Cousin's back

This morning my mother told me that my cousin is texted her. My mother said that my cousin is already back here in Davao last night. Analyn is my closest cousin, when we are still single we always going out together, sharing room, foods, dress and also sharing secrets. We also got pregnant at the same year but I give birth to my son earlier a month than her. Unluckily when she got pregnant my cousins decided to stop her studies because of her conditions. That moment our situation is really hard because we both pregnant in the same boarding house that's why I find another place with my partner. When she give birth to his first baby they decided to transfer living at Manila. Our communication is still continue even we both have the same family. After more than 2 years ,now they go back in our home town because she got pregnant her second baby. No one can take care of her when his husband is on his work that's why they decided to go back here..

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