Sunday, April 20, 2008

Monday Greetings

Good morning Guys, Today is Monday another weeks of the month of April. Yesterday is my day- off that's why I had time to spend to my family. I did house responsibilities like cooking, laundering and also cleaning the house. My sister is helping to taking care of my two kids while I do the household chores. Since it is sunny day I didn't allowed my kids to played outside because it is really hot. Nowadays it is more dangerous to stayed outside because of the heat of the sun. This is the reason why our country now is on global warming alert. At the first I didn't know what is Global warming is all about. I search on web to know about it and this is the result: Global warming the gradual increase of the temperature of the earth's lower atmosphere as a result of the increase in greenhouse gases since the Industrial resolution.The temperature of the atmosphere near the earth's surface is warmed through a natural process called the greenhouse effect. Visible, shortwave light comes from the sun to the earth, passing unimpeded through a blanket of thermal, or greenhouse, gases composed largely of water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and ozone. What if the next generation will more dangerous than now?


laura said...

Hi! janet ala yung tag board kaya d2 nalang ako msg...nangungumusta lang

Norm said...

good morning sis! take care and have a nice day.. visit lang ako..