Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tuesday Rants

Hello guys, my boss talked to me yesterday about changing my schedule. Yesterday morning, my co-workmate Jesica make a new schedule for us, I don't know why? At that day my boss called me to talked about changing schedule. He asked me to print a copy of our new schedule so that he will analyze it. He talked to me if I had a suggestion about our new schedule. I suggest a lot like our two technician we need it in the morning and afternoon but in the new schedule they assign in the midnight shift, it is really hard if there's a computer are in trouble we can't fix it right away. And the another one, I know that from Monday to Saturday are the most busiest day that's why I suggested that it is better if my day off is on Sunday because it is not so busy that day. And also about the schedule of my co-workmate Othonel he had a class in the morning that's why he can't work if he going to changed his schedule in the morning. Some of my suggestion my boss agreed that's why I really happy because one of my suggestion to be rest on Sunday will be implemented heheheh:)

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