Saturday, May 24, 2008

Transfering Money

Yesterday, I worried about how to transfer my money on paypal to bank account. I don't know what is the first step because it's my first time to do this. While talking ate Babette yesterday on YM, she giving me a blog site that can help me more about my problem. When I read the site I really amaze the blog. Alfredo Jr. Palconit id the owner of the blog, he is really nice person. He put to his blog how to do but I'm still not really understand . I'm lucky because he put his email add to those people who want to know more information about it. I automatically added him on my YM list so that I can start to talk to him but unluckily he is on his work and he can't entertain to me. But still he reply me and said that later he can talk to me after to his work. I'm really happy because since I'm on my work too I can't also talk to him clearly. After my work I talk to him so that I can start asking about my prob. I'm glad that he is also online line and he teaching me step by step. Thank you Fred for your help I'm really appreciate what you did to me.

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