Thursday, May 1, 2008

Labor Day

Yesterday is Labor Day but still we have a work on that day. I thought we don't have customer because it is holiday but there is. We don't have much customer but still I'm happy because I believe that little is better than never isn't it? In business we know that sometimes your sales is okey but sometimes is bad, the only way is to face it then improve. When I'm going out, I felt the very quiet road, no people walked outside and many establishment are closed. After my duty I'm waiting to my husband and son who visiting their lola's house (father side). When they got in here my son is take a nap while in jeepney. I decided to take awhile before we go because my son is not yet wake up. While in jeepney I'm thinking on my daughter who left in the house with her tita. I really missed her so much.:)

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