Monday, May 5, 2008

Mini Reunion

Last Sunday my relatives and their friends are visited us. Jiji (my cousins) bring her friends Aye, Aime and the other one ( I don't know the name). Analyn and her husband and son ( Mark and Aj), my aunt Alice, Jenny and Neslyn are also there. It's look like mini reunion for cousins only. Me and my mother are very busy to prepared the foods for them. We cooked seafoods(kabibi),sinugbang isda for lunch but because of late lunch some of us are hungry that's why we decided to cooked a “nilagang saging” so that it will ease the hungry for the mean time :) After we eat lunch my mother make a papaya salad and buko salad for appetizer. Jiji and her friend decided to go home because they have a work on that night. My aunt decided to stay because of the short time they spent together they decided to stay until next day. My mother and my aunt are sister that's why they want to spend time to bonding again.

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