Friday, May 16, 2008

Not One Less

Did you already watch the movie Not one less? Because this is one movie that I really like. Not One Less has touched the heart of various people in so many simple ways. One does not need to be a Chinese or Asian to understand deeply what the film tries to convey. While watching the film, one can significantly noticed the realistic presentation of every scenes as it depicts the real situation of rural people. One aspect that moved me is the issue on poverty. At the end of the movie, it was emphasized strikingly that there were over one million students who dropped out every year due to financial problems and used to travel in cities instead to earn money. The story is close to my heart because I, for one, experienced to study in public schools. I have experienced how does it feel to have insufficient books and armchairs, humid classrooms, and needy classmates. What kind of values should we realize after knowing that there are people who suffered that way? Is there anything that we must do or should we remain indifferent? In this way the film serves as an effective tool in promoting social awareness and importance in education.

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