Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ate Babette sending me already the money

This morning I receipt an email from ate Babette. She said that she already send the money through paypal but instead of giving me a $ 10 dollar she make it $20 so that the another $10 is for buying a rice heheeh. But ate Babette got a mistake when she sending the money, she will sending it twice that's why she asking me now to resend her back the $20 dollar hheheh. I log in on my Yahoo Messenger so that I can talk to her about this because I don't know how to resend her the $20 dollar. Since I already receipt the money I want to use this money wisely so that ate Babette will not regret to giving me this money. The $10 dollar for my domain maybe I use it later if my friend Fe will be available. I asking her help how to change my domain. I really lucky to meet a Babette here online because she's like my real sister who always giving me a advice and also a tips how to make more money through blogging.

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Allen's Darling said...

Congrats Janet

Give me your email too sa paypal para taga-an taka pud hehehee okies alam ko mahal ang rice ngayon jan eh sana makatulong me.

anyway i have a tag for u too'