Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Blessing from my friend

I can't believe what happen to me this morning. After doing my job I check my blog because yesterday I didn't had time to open because I didn't work. After viewing I received a comment from Ate Babette( she is my one of my friend here online). She said that when I'm going to online on Yahoo Messenger so that we can talk their. When finished reading I automatically log in on YM so that I can add her on my YM list. I didn't expect that she is online on that time and accept my request by adding her into my YM list. We talk to each other and guess what? She offer a $10 dollar so that I can buy a new domain on my blog good for 1 year. I'm really flattered for what she did to me. Until now I can't imagine that there is a person want to help me in that way. She is the one who always giving me a comment on my blog. This June her family have a vacation trip and she said that she will buy me a rosary from Rome wow. Te, Babette thank you for doing this to me. May God bless you and your family.

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