Monday, May 12, 2008

Our " Balon" get dirty

Yesterday my mother got angry because of what she discovered in our well “ balon”. Like the other provinces our source of whater is from “balon”. It is very clean water from the nature. When my mother decided to take a bath in our balon but in the other one. We have two “balon” for bathing and for drinking so that we maintain the cleanliness of the water. My mother suddenly shout and angry that's why I go to her and ask why? My mother discover our “ balon” that full of rocks. There is somebody put rocks inside our “ balon”. Even me got angry after seeing our “ balon” is very dirty. We make our own “balon” and maintain the cleanliness then now there is somebody want to destroy our “ balon”. Guys, it is natural to us that there is some of us wan to see to other getting angry?

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4ever7 said...

Hate it when water gets dirty. As Filipinos we love to get clean, and so water is very, very important to us!