Thursday, January 24, 2008

Popular Games

WarCraft is the most familiar in the world of games. They like this games because it challenging their ability , knowledge and especially their strategy . They like this games because it really fun. This games can played by 10 players and you can also pick what you really want a hero or you can also depend what the computer pick to you.
StarCraft is also one of popular games . This games is really exciting because you can built your own base and you can do what ever you want .
COunter Strike is most playable by high school student hehehe this games is very fun because its make you fell better when you shoot your enemies in this games hahahhah!!
This is the most popular games in the Philippines. This game is available here at FRB Internet Cafe which i am working as a Cashier. Our customers love to play this game! Wanna play with us? :-)

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