Friday, January 25, 2008

Ruben’s big heart makes him the Big Winner

DId you missed the Pinoybigbrother last episode? so this is it ...Among 16 Celebrity pinoy heres in Philippines their a big four remain in the house of Kuya namely Ruben, Gaby, Riza and Will they give their all effort to become a Big WInner ..That night announce the Pinoybigbrother by ranking ....>The fourth is Will, Third is Gaby and the Second is Riza .... The First is Ruben... Finally "Budots" is making his dream come true.

That night RUben shed tears of joy as he relished victory he cannot expect it. The Komedyanteng Promdi could not help but jump up and down. He was met on stage tearfully by his wife, Jesselle. The other housemates crowded him too with their congratulatory hugs and kisses. Ruben could only utter endless thanks to those who helped him bag the most coveted prize of all.

This is the one competition who hits in the Philippines from the channel of ABS-CBN my number one Kapamilya ..Many of competition here in ABS-CBN that helps our Kababyan to make their dream comes true.

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