Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My workmate

I'm working at FRB I been more than four (4) years here already. I'm started here when I'm at my college day my work is my source of my financial support on my studies. This picture I'd post they are my co-workmate before Ben, Gena, Ritchel, Jesica and Ian. They are my workmate before but it so sad that they one by one resigning because of different reason. First Sarah she left because she getting married with Dondon. Then follow by Ritchel they both misunderstanding with our boss, then after that Ian he transfer living to Gensan, and Ben his mother decided to continue to support his studies that why he stop working to focus his studies . After that I thought their nothing follow but I'm so shock because suddenly Gena is sick for almost a month she have a pneumonia so her mother want her to stop working so she decided to resign. I missed them so much our bonding, friendship, laughing and etc. me and Jesica were both stayed employed here until now. Now I had two (2) kids and Jesica had one (1) . Many days, months, year passing by and many times we change a rules and regulation and even workers but still I never forgot the times with my old workmate.

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