Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Davao City

Davao is the third most popular city in the Philippines. Davao is considered as the center of trade and business in the southern part of the Philippines. In terms of tourism, it offers a lot of wonderful tourist destinations and world-class facilities for you to enjoy and also lots of hotels here that you can stay in, they can give you a good services that makes you satisfied because Dabawenyo's, known as the the most friendly and hospitable in the world. Davao you will also find the colorful jeepneys traveling through the busy streets of the city. If you are in a hurry, you may consider getting a taxi. Both air-conditioned and non-aircontioned taxis are available but don't forget to ask the taxi driver to use the meter. It is very safe to go around Davao as long as you follow some common sense rules.

To all tourism when you in Davao City , you can visit the beautiful white-sand beach resorts in the nearby Samal Island, the Philippine Eagle Foundation, the Eden Nature Park, this is some tourist spots of Davao.

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