Monday, January 28, 2008

My CUstomer

Tuesday morning, My first Customer is a student who ask me a favor to type her project at a rush.. so i suddenly think if I can do it. So I start typing I have notice that my customer she always look at her watch then I ask her why you always look you watch? she tell me that she's very late for her next subject. I smile at her and I told her that I will do my best to finish it quickly. So I type very past and finally it finish typing ,when it finish to print she's not stop to say thank you to me .
Second customer is a couple they ask me to scan their file a passport then after scan print it. I told them that we don't have a colored printer they said that it's okey. SO after I finish to scan they smile at me and pay heheheh. After that many customer Log in to play DotA they so noisy laughing, shouting grrrrr. but its okey they all make me smile even if they are so Makulit.

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