Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Social Security System Salary Loan

I was so depressed after knowing that my salary loan in Social Security System cannot be filed right now. I was at the SSS office to give them the documents for my salary loan today. The teller said that the name of the employer that I put on my documents didn't match what was on their computer. The teller said I need to come back after the right employer is listed on my documents because I'm already qualified for a salary loan. I'm so shocked after that happenned. I had been working here for 5 years with the same company and employer. How did it happen that my employer was changed? After that incident, I immediately contacted my employer and asked him why is it that there is a discrepancy with my employer name. Did he transfer their employees to another employer without telling us? He said that he didn't know about this and said that it's better to ask our Book Keeper because she is the one who process all the documents to the SSS. Unfortunately, Resie also didn't know about it. My SSS transaction was no good because I took a whole day off for that but it was just a waste. Hopefully, this will get sorted out soon.