Friday, October 24, 2008

Juliet did for me

I'm so glad that my friend from Tarlac accomplished my request. She's a blogger also like me. When i found out that she's from Tarlac, I ask her if she can post a picture at my old school in Maliwalo. Im studying at Maliwalo when i was in high school. I want to know what's new in this place because I really missed Tarlac. I had a lot of friends in this place and it so sad because after I came back here in Davao City, I never had a chance to contact them anymore. When I was in Tarlac, it was look like a barrio but now after my friend post a picture, the place are different and it has lot of improvement on that place. We called the place before just "Tarlac", but now its' "Tarlac City". I just want to thank Juliet for being my friend . Here are some picture from my place Tarlac, visit her blog too guys!See yah..

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