Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Responsibilities

My situation is so difficult right now I have a lot on my plate as a wife, a mother of two kids, a daughter, a sister and an employee. As a wife, I need to understand the situation between my family and his family and why my husband couldn’t give his full attention to us and help us financially. As a mother of two kids, I need to be a good mother, looking after all their needs and at the same time guide them through life even though I am always busy. As a daughter, since my father passed away and my mother is already old I am burdened with the responsibility of running the household. I am the breadwinner and I take care of everything in the house. As a sister I need to guide her especially now that she is a teenager. It's really hard to teach her what is the right thing to do so that she will not be going in the wrong path. As an employee, sometimes it is really hard to follow their rules when even them couldn’t agree on things. To my co-workers, I need to be remind them what their responsibilities are because if they do something wrong, I'm the one who will suffer. To the customer, I need to give them good service even though sometimes they are wrong. I'm only 24 years old but I have a lot of responsibilities. I feel that I can't handle it everything anymore!!! help me.

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