Monday, October 13, 2008

Kim Chui doesn't want to take it easy

Just because she's on top of the heap doesn't mean Kim Chiu should relax and take it easy. New winners of reality shows are born all the time, and they could just dislodge her from her throne tomorrow.
That's why the PBB (Pinoy Big Brother) Teen Edition grand winner admits she feels nervous. She can't control the onslaught of new reality shows and the winners that emerge from them. All she can do is hope ABS-CBN will continue to give her important projects fans will go on watching on TV and the movies.

She shouldn't fret. My Girl, Kim's romantic series with Gerald Anderson, may have ended, but the Star Network has replaced it with My Only Hope.

The new series should make Kimerald fans rejoice. It pairs Kim with Gerald once more, and the same cast members as well. This time though, Kim's character is more mature. She has a goal in life, while Gerald's character is an artist.

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