Thursday, October 30, 2008

Contraceptive Methods

Today many Filipinos are living in poverty, due to lack of education and difficulty in finding stable job. What will happen to them if this will continue? Can they sustain like this? Our country will be affected too, our economic status. And others resort to abortion, and by doing this they just put their live into risk. One way to reduce the booming of population is by using contraceptives, a form of family planning. It could be natural with the use of devices or chemical form. An ideal contraceptive should be safe, 100% effective, free of side effects, obtainable, affordable, acceptable to the user, and free from aside effects on future pregnancies. And through this contraceptive, it will help in reducing early pregnancy, overpopulation, poverty and prevent the increasing number of jobless Filipino.

Today the member of young mothers are increasing and it is getting younger and younger.. They will have a high risk of unwanted pregnancy and will not be able to enjoy their remaining teenage life. Is that what we want to happen to those many in our country today? Don't we find it very tragic in their part. We may say that they should be responsible for their actions. But what if their parents are not guiding them properly? On this issue, contraceptives will be of great help to prevent early/ unwanted pregnancy. Since it would lead to many problems. First the mothers will have difficulty in accepting her role as a mother due to the fact that she's not ready and very young. Second, the father cannot easily find stable job to support their basic needs as family because of his very young age. Which would make their parents carry their supposedly responsibility. Third, the mother at this age still needs attention and emotionally support from the parents and siblings.

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