Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Welcome little pig

My husband decided to buy 2 piglet so that we race it. We planning that one piglet we going to breed and the other one after 3 months we selling it in the market. But since this afternoon we get that piglet, we prepared their house first. Did you know that this is my first time to race a pig? And it makes me conscious why my stepfather make a little house for the two piglet. I asked my mother for that and my mother said: so that they can't move easily that makes them grown up faster. I know that if you are active there is the possibility that you didn't be fat isn't it? That's why the more the pig can't move the more they will be grown up faster. Wow...this is a good tips to others who are planning to breed a pig. Heheheh. Hope that this will be success.

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