Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Pinhole Eyeglasses

Before, I thought if you had a problem on your eyesight, you need to use eyeglasses prescription but guess what? I found out a new scientific way of restoring one's clearer vision without using a prescription eyeglasses, it's known as "pinhole glasses” . It is a unique product that are designed to restore perfect vision, not just correct your vision while you’re wearing them. These eye glasses are unique because they use the principle of sight to let in only those rays which are capable of forming a clear image on the retina. It can overcome impaired vision or any common refractive eye disorders. It is really great because pinhole glasses are completely natural, scientific, durable, affordable and effective. They do not have glass lenses and could last a lifetime. You don't need to worry about the price because it is really lightweight, durable and it is really affordable.

The pinhole eyeglass is actually slightly improve your vision but when you wearing the pinhole glasses, vision is quite obstructed by the black spaces around the pinholes. Most people would be reluctant to wear the glasses, as they are not very fashionable. Also, it should be noted that pinhole glasses reduce brightness and peripheral vision. Therefore it is not safe to wear while driving or operating any kind of machine. Pinhole glasses are mainly used by eye care specialist as a diagnostic tool. In almost all cases, other forms of correction will obtain clearer vision.

This pair of pinhole glasses is suitable for people who are also suffer from myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia, astigmatism, computer vision syndrome or cataracts. It is also good for adjusting your reading position as after wearing it for longer period. It is good to use while you are infront on your computer. You will try to sit properly and read things at proper distance and sufficient light source. It is also very affordable than an others. Each pair of glasses is only $14.95, I think these are a fabulous deal for me since I need to use this kind of eyeglass because right now, I'm working in Internet Cafe and I'm infront of my computer most of the time 10 hrs/ 6 days a week. Maybe I need this pinhole glasses to protect my eyes. I'm just also need it since I'm have a sore eyes right now to protect on sunlight. So what are you waiting for? Think wisely and think about your health especially your eyesight. For more information visit their website now!

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