Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Our Wire is gone..

What bad Sunday for me. It is my day-off that's why I'm the only one who is taking care of my kids that day. My mother is visited on my aunt place at San Lorenzo, Sasa and my sister is in the river to laundry her dirty clothes. My stepfather is busy to preparing the house of piglet outside . And I'm the one who inside the house . When my kids is already sleep, I also take a nap because of my sore eyes that can cause me a headache. Stepfather go inside and asked me if it is a brown out? I also wonder that's why I suddenly try the light if it will works but they didn't. After that my stepfather decided to checked of wires outside , guess what? We discover that almost 108 meters is gone huhuhu. There is somebody who snatch our wire, I'm really upset after knowing. Right now, we back to use an candle light.

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