Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Ruptures is not bad...

Everyday of our lives we almost do the same things that we do, wake up, take a bath, eat, go to school, go home and sleep, that is the daily things that we are use to. What happens if we encounter something new in between those daily things that we usually do, until when rupture comes in, for example, on your way to school you were invited by your friends to go out and go to the beach instead of going to school, that event doesn’t happen on a daily basis. It is a rupture because you will be given a chance to decide if either you will go to school or go to the beach. It can either make you grow or be pulled down. If you will now go with them, it will make you grow in a sense that you know how to prioritize the important things that you need to go first. You will be pulled down if you go with them because you will miss your classes and you are not acting like a responsible person.

That example was would not likely have a really big impact on our life, but there would be instances that we would be force to choose really important decisions (e.g. Go to abroad and work there or stay here in the Philippines with your family). As we continue to grow we will learn from our mistakes in the past and we will utilize what we have experience to make better judgments in the future, if we have made good judgment in the past it is likely the our decisions in the future would be good too. So for me ruptures are important for us to experience because it is necessary for our human growth and how to understand ourselves better. We will know our strength, weaknesses and limitations. Ruptures should not be ran away from but instead we must face them.

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