Friday, August 29, 2008

Rainy day?

Yesterday I came home late because it was raining. The rain start at exactly 3:49 pm, that's why I stay for awhile at work waiting the rain to stop. But you know what? the more I wait the more it rains too. After an hour of waiting, I decided to go home even its still raining because I worried that I will be coming home late. The reason why Im scared to go home late is because i dont have flashlight, the road going to our house is kind a dark and i am not used to it on the dark road. On the road I notice that the jeepney is starting to move slow and i ask the driver why? The driver said there was a car accident on the road. When i got home, i was very wet because I forgot to bring umbrella. And this morning I'm not feeling well because i have headache. So hopefully my headache will be gone after I take my medicine. Will see.. :-)


Neil said...

hello janet, Me I ask you how to get Blogroll

S-H-Y said...

Hello net,chege dw btaw ulan dira. diri pod chege ulan og sugod npod og tugnaw,baga napod kaau ako sanina ani oi.slide npod sa snow hehehe tanga bia jud ko.