Thursday, August 28, 2008

Attending the mass

Last Saturday I attend mass in our chapel. This is my first time to attend mass and since we transferred on that place, the reason why I attend the mass is because I want to inquired the requirements for baptismal. Since my daughter is not yet baptized, we are planning to baptized her to become Christian. She did not accept yet the first sacrament of the Lord. Before the mass started, I inquired and ask the girl who is in-charge about this, the girl said that one of the requirements are the birth certificate and marriage contract of the parents. I'm so disappointed because me and my husband are not married. So im not sure if my daughter will become Christians or not. I dont know if they allow us to baptized my daughter even without marriage contract. What should we do? Is my daughter still cant accept the sacrament because we as a parents are not yet married? My gossh!! I don't know if my daughter will be a Christian like us, Please help me guys.

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