Friday, August 22, 2008

Disappointed at Whaw Restaurant

My cousin An-an recommended me at Whaw Grill & Restaurant because I asked her what best cheapest restaurant in town. The reason i asked here is that, i am planning to celebrate my daughter 2nd birthday on that restaurant. After we spend time at people park we went to Whaw Grill & Restaurant, its nearby to people's park. They gave us a menu and we order the food we like. While we're waiting our food to be served, the waiter serve us a glass of water. But i suggested to the waiter if he can serve the water together with the food we ordered because we have the kids and there is a possibilities that the glass of water will spill, fall and break.The waiter didn't listen to me. After 2 minutes, the foods was served. I'm really shock because the food they serve is not hot, I thought that they will cooked it after you order like Banok's did. But since the food is already serve, I remained quit. My gossh their litson manok is look like a left over! my mother said that maybe because the chicken cooked many times that's why it becomes hard to eat. Guys, This only base on my experienced, I'm so disappointed. I try to eat to other Whaw Grill & Restaurant but not this one that near at people's park.

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