Monday, September 8, 2008

Welcome Back Gen..

I'm glad that my co-workmate Gena is coming back to work with us here at FRB Internet Cafe. Yesterday, I found out that Gena was working the same time. She forgot some of the work here at the cafe that's why even she's good in computer but still I need to guide her, there are many changes here at the cafe that she needs to learn. She is a fast learner, so its not hard for me to teach her new things. She also accept typing job because she know how to type. Im really glad because we had a chance to eat lunch together and we also talked about our past hehehe. WELCOME BACK GENA^_^.


Allen's Darling said...

Hi Jan

Gina ba ang payatot hehehe naa bf na tangkad ayo?/siya ba imo gi-mean/? I like gina too.Shes very accomodating.

See you around.

Lara said...

Hi There,
Girl, ako naka gi add sa ako blogroll. Paki add nalang pud ko ha? medyo daghan-daghan baya ni if you don't mind. Buzz me when your done. Will see you around. Thanks!