Sunday, September 28, 2008

My daugther is now a Christian

Last Wednesday, September 24 was the schedule for Christening of my daughter. We woke up early so that we can prepare foods. My mother was really busy and also my step father. At exactly 6:30 am, I leave and went at Jesica's house to help her bring some materials that we need. Jesica and I bought some ingredients because we lack of ingredients to our recipes. I got in the house at exactly 8:45 that's why I took a bath faster because the mass will start at 9:00 am. After I dressed up, my husband arrived at 9:45 am together with the god father and god mother. We went together at the Chapel but when we arrived there, someone told us that the baptismal was already done. And i say "WHATTT!!!" I felt so embarrassed that moment I don't know what to do but one of my daughter's god mother help me to talk the priest and asked for a special christening and guess what? the priest agreed. I'm so happy that day, I thought the Christening of my daughter will not be held. Now, my daughter is already a Christian!

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jesica said...

May gani sugot ang pari kay kng wla pa atngan jud sya sa kanto hahahaha...langayan man gud c ninang ba..hehehehehe