Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I notice after the school class started the tricycle driver (padyak) is now busy too. I saw tricycle driver every morning they are already sweat that proved of tiredness to have more passenger. They are happy because after the school started they have also more passenger and I'm the one of them. I paying P5.00 pesos for tricycle and I'm happy to help them for a small amount. I know that it's really hard to find a job especially most of them they didn't finished their studies because of difficulties of money that's why they work hard to give the needs of their family through this job.


Allen's Darling said...

yah,but they get the same in the motorists.And its unfair to them also because Jeepneys pay-tax and buy gas but tricycle didn't and they get the same money from the passenger.I know that they need money too.I think there is a big-unfair both sides.

Just my 5 cents...

Allen's Darling said...


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