Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Big Four

Last night The Big 4 for Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus are already revealed. Toni called the big 4. She called one by one with no particular order. The first name called was Robi, 2nd was Nicole, 3rd was Beauty. The 4th are really nervous because Ejay and Alex are the remaining housemates and only one of them will complete the “ Big4”. Finally Toni called Ejay, The Promdi Hottie to stand up and joined his housemates who are also part of Big4. Now Teen Big 4 are already revealed nationwide. After the nomination I felt so sad for what happen to Alex. I like all the housemates that's why I'm really sad after Alex came out in the house of Kuya. They are deserving to remain in the house of kuya but since it is a competition, we need to understand that there is a “ Big winner”. After the exhausting nomination, all housemates remain in the house of kuya are all deserving to be a “ Big Winner”.